I’m back!

Hey all,

I know I havn’t been to active here lately but in all fairness I was pretty sick. I’ve was down for two weeks with dengue or chicungunya (they havn’t determined exactly what mosquito bourne illness it was that I had) and it was no fun. Fever of 101F, full body rash, fatigue, and the worst joint pain I’ve ever had. I could barely hobble 10 feet to the bathroom. Anyways that was a month ago and despite the lingering arthritis pains and stiffness that can last for up 2 or 3 months post infection, I’m back working and even started running the ball again a few days a week. I’m sore the next day but you’ve got to push on through.

My Peace Corps friends and my local friends and neighbors have been nice and supported me through all this. Can’t thank em enough. While I was down I stated watching The Wire for the first time, damn good show, highly recommend it! I also have been reading allot, read Mother Night by Vonnegut, Siddhartha by Hesse, some Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Arrabian Nihts, and now I’m halfway through Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky. I’d highly recommend any of em (although Arrabian Nights can get a bit repetitive in it’s style).

I’m back working at the health center, school’s started but I’m not working there yet, I’m focusing on a health statistics project I’m doing analyzing local diabetes statistics which is keeping me plenty busy. I’m also working on a project with another Peace Corps volunteer on mosquito breeding grounds in the area, volunteering at the local HIV/AIDS support group, a regional health promotion club with other peace corps and local health professionals, and doing health talks on clinic days here at Parika Health Center. The HC is busy with allot of patients and I help out with as much as I can and then spend my afternoons working on my projects.

I’m doing well everyone and I’ll try to post some more pictures soon of where I’m living and where I’m working. Hope you are all doing swell and I’ll try to post more now that I’ve got more access to internet. Take care errybody!


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