Leaving Tomorrow

Well the big day is almost here. Im leaving tomorrow at 4:30 am to go to Logan airport and then flying down to Miami for staging. There I will meet up with all the other volunteers and together we fly out to Guyana the next day. Words can’t express how excited I have become and there are many moments of abject terror mixed with sheer joy. I’m sure every volunteer has felt this way when they lie down in their bed for the last time before embarking on this new adventure. I don’t know what my future holds, but I am thankful for all those around me who make this all possible and give me the strength to commit myself to this cause. Anyways, I look forward to meeting all the other volunteers and I know I’ll see my family and friends again soon. Take care everyone till we meet up again.


Packing to Go

I’m leaving in less than a week now and here’s my packing list. I tried to pack light and here is the result. All Packed into a 70L hiking pack and 33L day pack. I can buy toiletries pretty easily in Guyana so I only packed travel size for the time being in order to save space.

20140417_132005[1] 20140417_173915[1]



12 Underwear

6 Socks

3 Bandannas

2 Gym Shorts

1 Athletic Shirt

2 Khakis

1 Jeans

1 Dress Pants

1 Swim Trunks

6 T-Shirts

5 Work Shirts

1 Dress Shirt

1 Tie

1 Belt

1 Boat Shoe

1 Running Shoes

1 Sandals

1 Rain Coat


Computer +Charger+Case

Phone + Charger

Surge Protector


AAA Batteries

Headphones x 3

Extra Headphone buds

Camera+ Charger

Computer Mouse+Mouse Pad

USB Stick

External Harddrive






Body Wash




Baby Powder

Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Solution

Glasses x 2 + cases

Glasses Cleaner


Hand Sanatizer

Q Tips

Nail Clippers



Electric Razor + Charger


Extra Stuff

2 Waterbottles

Travel Pillow

Sheet Set

4 Pillow Cases

Sleeping Bag Liner

Back Pack Cover






Jump Rope

Playing Cards


Dry Bags


2 Towels

Family Pictures

Host Family Gifts

Rock Candy+ Lemon Drops

2 Candles

Red Sox Hat

Pictures of Boston

Getting Ready for Staging

When I first got my invitation on Christmas Eve, the start of this journey couldn’t come quick enough. I was given almost exactly 4 months to get ready, which was too much time in my mind. Did I really have to work another three months? There was just so much time and I was impatient…

Now here I am, less than a month to go, and time won’t seem to slow down. Those three months of work flew by in no time, in fact it’s already all over. I worked my last overnight on the ambulance about a week ago. We had no major calls that night which was a change of pace from the week before where I had 2 chest pains, a patient in early stages shock, and an unresponsive patient. Despite the stress of that job, I admit I’ll miss the excitement of going lights and sirens to a real emergency. Anyways, since work ended, I’ve sold my car (at a substantial loss) and have been preparing to leave, and then finally my staging information came one month to the day before staging.

Me and the rest of Guy 26 are meeting up on April 28th in Miami, FL for a day of introductions, ice-breakers, and lecture concerning the most important aspects of our service. Some volunteers are getting flown down to Miami the night before by the Peace Corps while I’ve got the last flight in on the morning of the 28th. If everything goes according to schedule, I’ll fly out at 7:15 AM out of Logan Airport in Boston and arrive in Miami at 11:30 and I’ve got to be at staging half an hour later at noon. Going to be on a tight schedule! Our adventure starts with┬ástaging in Miami on the 28th but the Peace Corps doesn’t mess around and will ship us off the next morning on the first flight to Georgetown, Guyana. Who knows how things will unfold after we arrive?

Anyways, I’ve got a lot more stuff to go over in the next few weeks. I’ve got a family get together this weekend and I am still trying to hang out with as many friends as I can as often as possible. I’ve also got a bit more stuff to get as well. My next post will probably be a detailed packing list in the next few weeks. Yup, this whole Peace Corps thing is starting to get real mighty quick!