Phone Interview

Well, here I am, a month and a half left in the only home I’ve ever known. I just got off the phone with Peace Corps Health Program Manager in Guyana, and now things seem more real than they did just 25 minutes ago. I knew it was supposed to be an informal interview, but when she started off the “interview” with “do you have any questions?”, it sent me scrambling for the questions I wrote down yesterday. Good thing I spent the time coming up with questions before hand or that would have been a two minute interview! I learned a bit about health in Guyana and about how the Peace Corps structures its program, but none of the information seemed to sink in till after I was off the phone, sitting in my bed, and staring at the map on my wall. When IĀ asked her about how Guyanese people seem to move slower than we do here in the US and how that can frustrate some volunteers, she stated that people in Guyana still get things done, they just feel no need to rush and no need to worry about what is to come. I think I will take that to heart and adapt a Guyanese mindset about this upcoming Peace Corps adventure. I’ve still got a month and a half to go, I think I’ll just lie back down and see where I end up.